Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

Spending time in nature with loved ones is an integral part of Latvian culture. Can't decide where to go for a picnic with family and friends at the weekend? We have a select list of places both within and outside the city limits.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia



Lucavsala is the perfect place for a picnic within the city limits. For starters, it’s easy to get there. Second, the island has everything you need to spend a relaxing time with friends and family in a natural environment.

In the park, you can get comfortable on a blanket on the grass or use the available tables. There are public grills and you’re also allowed to bring your own picnic equipment. While the adults are cooking, the kids can play on the nearby playground.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia
Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: Trolleybuses 4 and 19 run to the Lucavsala stop.

What’s available: a playground, tables, benches, grills and toilets.

Lake Babelīte

Another natural oasis rests in the Jugla neighbourhood in the form of the hidden Babelīte lake. During the warmer months, this place is a favourite of locals for swimming. Among the pine trees there is a sandy beach with a gently sloping entrance to the water.

Picnic places with barbecues are available right by the water. Kids can paddle in the water and play on the beach, as well as explore the playground. For the more active types, there is also a volleyball court.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: only 20 minutes by car from the centre of Riga, with free parking near the lake. Also reachable by public transport; bus 31, tram 1 and trolleybus 4 to Tirzas iela.

What’s available: changing rooms, a lifeguard, tables, grills, toilets, a volleyball court, a children’s playground, free parking.


We wrote about Mežaparks in a detailed article about Riga parks. In the warm season, the main attraction in the park is Kišezers Lake, the largest in Riga. There is a sandy beach where fishing is allowed, and cafes on the shore offer kebabs. If you don’t want to queue and wait for a free table to eat, you can organise a picnic at one of the many designated places around the reservoir.

There are also several paid picnic spots with roofs and grills available in the park.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia
Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: the 11 tram, 9 and 48 buses run to the Mežaparks Zoo stop. If you’re travelling by car, you can leave it at the free car park on Meža prospekts .

What’s available: a cafe, playgrounds, sports equipment, a zoo, fishing, picnic areas.

The Latvian Ethnographic Museum

In Latvia even a museum can be a place for a picnic. You can combine cultural recreation and a meal in the fresh air at the Latvian Ethnographic Museum. The vast territory of the museum is located on the shore of the picturesque Jugla Lake. Here you can book an excursion with a picnic.

You’ll learn about the history and traditions of the country, and at the end you will be treated to a picnic with live music. Expect this journey back in time to take a full day.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: the museum is located at the exit from Riga, and it takes about 30-40 minutes to get there from the centre. Alternatively, take one of these buses—28, 29, 31, 6821,6826.

What’s available: a café.

Ķengarags Promenade

Ķengarags has gone through different epochs. It was once a thriving industrial area and had a reputation as a disadvantaged part of the city. A few years ago the improvement of the promenade along the River Daugava began. Every year there are new wooden decks, tables for board games, and the length of the cycle path keeps increasing. The Ķengarags promenade is becoming more and more popular as a place to stroll and relax by the water.

When it’s warm, you can venture off the beaten path and sit by the river to sunbathe or have a picnic. The use of grills and barbecues is allowed by the water, subject to fire safety regulations.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: the promenade can be reached by public transport or bicycle. Take tram 7 or bus 15 from the centre.

What’s available: playgrounds, picnic areas, a cycle path, and a bird-watching tower.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

Out of town

The Blue Mountains of Ogre (Ogres zilie kalni)

Ogre is one of the greenest cities in Latvia. The Blue Mountains Nature Park is a charming forested area on hilly terrain. People come here to breathe the healing pine air. Here the benefits of civilisation are organically integrated into the landscape without disturbing the natural bliss. The pine forest hides within itself fitness equipment, playgrounds and wooden sculptures.

Throughout the park there are many places for a rest or a full picnic with tables, benches and barbecues, even by the famous quarry. Any corner of the park can be a place for a pleasant green getaway.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: The territory of the park is huge, so it can be approached from different directions. Buses and trains run from Riga to Ogre. The journey will take about 30-40 minutes regardless of your transport of choice.

What’s available: cycling paths, bathing places, picnic areas, an observation tower, guide services and a playground for children.

Dole Island

Dole Island in Salaspils is the perfect compromise if you want to leave the city but not go too far. Here you can enjoy the natural surroundings, as well as active and leisurely getaways with your loved ones.

Roast a kebab on the bank of the River Daugava, watch the sun go down on the river, go sailing, boating or visit a sauna. You can extend your peaceful holiday by bringing a tent or renting one of the cabins at a local camping site.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: it takes 30 minutes by car from Riga to Dole Island. There are also new electric trains in the direction of Salaspils. Buses 4, 31, 34 will take you first to the K/N Enerģētiķis stop in Salaspils, and from there to Daugavas muzejs.

What’s available: grills, tables, benches, camping, places for tents, boat, catamaran and sup rentals, bathhouses and volleyball courts.

Lake Lubāns

It is impossible to ignore the Lubāna, as it is the largest lake in the country. It has long sandy beaches and the area is perfect for long walks or bike rides, during which you can stop for a snack or a bit of birdwatching.

You’re also welcome to catch some fish and one caught straight from the lake can be the centrepiece at the table.

How to get there: the quickest way to get there is by car and the journey will take you about 3 hours. There is also a bus from Riga. Another option is to drive to Madona and from there take a bus to Lubāna.

What’s available: bird watching towers, boats for hire, tent sites, overnight accommodation, tennis and volleyball courts, changing rooms, toilets and a service centre.

Zvārtes Rock

This is possibly the most magical place for a picnic. Zvārtes Rock is shrouded in mystery: according to legend, witches used to gather here and plants with special healing properties grow all around.

The views are breathtaking: massive sandstone cliffs overhang the turbulent Amata River, whose name means “fast”. Along its course, there are miles of hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty and picnic areas.

As an alternative to bringing your provisions from home, you can pre-order a picnic bag on the Zvārtes Rock facebook page and pick it up at the information centre on site. Or you can spend the evening by the bonfire right on the river bank, having booked a place and ordered a bundle of firewood in advance.

Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia
Escape to nature: 10 serene picnic spots in Latvia

How to get there: by car the journey will take roughly 90 minutes. If taking public transport, you should first go to Cēsis. There are trains and buses from the city centre, and the 6285 bus goes to Zvārtes Rock. The total journey time will take about 3 hours.

What’s available: guided excursions, firewood and a picnic spot (€10), paid parking, a café and a gift shop.


If you’re in Latvia for longer, you should definitely go for a picnic on the Baltic Sea coast. Zīvartiņš is a holiday destination and camping site, and it is not as famous as the Jurmala coast, but that is one of its main advantages: you will have the opportunity to enjoy time by the sea away from the crowds. Moreover, picnic tables and campfire sites are located right on the beach.

Zīvartiņš is near Tukums. You can safely come here with a tent, but you will have to pay 10 euro for an overnight stay. There are cottages on the territory, where you can spend the night during the summer season.

How to get there: the easiest way to get there is by car and will take about an hour. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Ziepniekkalns (Vaiņodes iela), then take a bus to Vīnkalni, then a 10-minute walk and you’ll be at your destination.

What’s available: parking, showers, picnic areas, toilets and a playground.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 16.04.24