International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

They say that in life you just need to "find your people and settle down". But where to find "your people"? We've put together a great guide to Riga's international communities: from expats and polyglots to vinyl, jogging and board games enthusiasts.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

From language exchange meetups to discovering hidden gems in the city, expat communities offer plenty of activities that enrich one’s experience in Riga, no matter where you come from.

Expats and Nomads (ENG)

Expat community that meets every Friday at 7 PM at BEERA Bar. The community is posting its events on the MeetUp platform and owns a Whatsapp group, where you might also find a companion for a bike ride, hiking, and any sport.

Language exchange communities offer a supportive environment to practice with native speakers and broaden cultural horizons, gaining insights into different customs, traditions, and perspectives. 

BlaBla Riga (ENG)

An international language club of locals. expats, and travellers – a great place to practice English and try out your Latvian every Tuesday evening. You are asked to order a drink directly upon arrival to participate. Keep yourself updated on the events at the MeetUp platform.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

Joining a reading club gives access to diverse book recommendations: discover new books and genres they might not have explored otherwise, and enrich your appreciation of literature.

Riga International Book Club (ENG)

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

Welcome to the lively English-speaking reading group on Facebook! This community gathers monthly to discuss various book selections, such as “Foster” by Claire Keegan and “A Map for the Missing” by Belinda Huijuan Tang. Members are encouraged to participate in discussions for any or all of the chosen books and are welcome to attend the monthly meetups or engage in conversations within the dedicated group. 

Join this vibrant community on Facebook and explore some fantastic reads together.

Sci-fi Reading Club (ENG)

A dedicated group of science fiction enthusiasts convenes weekly to delve into the captivating worlds of sci-fi short stories. 

For example, the first Spring 2024 meeting was about Lucius Shepherd’s R&R. What will the next one be about? Stay tuned for announcements.

Joining a music community in Riga offers the unique perk of connecting with fellow  vinyl collectors, discovering rare records, and immersing oneself in the sound experience across genres and styles.

Riga Record Dig (ENG)

This Facebook group is comprised of dedicated collectors who share a deep love for all things vinyl. From arranging informative lectures that delve into every aspect of the record world to organizing occasional markets and gatherings, this community is committed to celebrating the beauty of vinyl together.

Despite the diverse musical preferences of its members, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. Whether one’s taste leans towards jazz, rock, or electronic music, there are plenty of moments that cater to the interests of every music lover. Join here.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

Enhance your running experience and fitness performance. Join group runs, training sessions, exchange tips, share experiences, and access valuable resources related to training, nutrition, and injury prevention.

Riga Runners (LV)

The Riga Runners community is organized by Rimi Riga Marathon. As a member, you’ll join a supportive group of like-minded people passionate about fitness and running. Benefit from special events, enhance your running performance and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting your journey, the Riga Runners club offers a welcoming environment to thrive in your fitness journey while exploring the scenic routes of Riga.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

O-Sands Beach Volleyball (LV)

O-Sands volleyball community focuses on raising the level of beach volleyball in Latvia through a range of initiatives. From training sessions catering to professionals and amateurs to organizing tournaments and festivals, they aim to promote the sport. Additionally, they offer the rental of high-quality beach volleyball courts, maintained to the highest standards. Overall, their efforts are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of beach volleyball within the Latvian community.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide
International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

Joining an IT community in Riga opens access to industry insights, professional development opportunities, and entrepreneurial support, fostering career growth and advancement. Members hugely benefit from job postings and collaborative projects, creating a vibrant ecosystem for innovation within the tech industry.

TechHub Riga (ENG)

The community offers various programs and events to support tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, including personalized “Office Hours” and Monthly Meetups for learning and networking. Educational programs like “How to Startup” provide hands-on guidance, while events like “StartupBBQ” offer a relaxed environment for networking. Additionally, “Hackathons” such as “Raccoons Winter Hackathon” emphasize inclusivity and skill-building through collaborative innovation.

See all programs on the official webpage.

Join the Facebook group to keep yourself updated.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide
International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

Riga TechGirls (ENG)

The Riga Tech Girls supports women in tech. Their “Start your career in tech” program includes training, education and a mentorship program for women taking their first steps or advancing in IT. For those interested in entrepreneurship, “Build your Start-up” program includes opportunities like hackathons and events promoting female-founded tech companies. 

Additionally, the community focuses on improving digital skills through programs tailored for teachers, creatives, healthcare professionals, and NGOs.

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide

See all programs on the official webpage

To become a part of community, fill out the application form

Meet&Play Community (ENG)

Game Night meetings feature both strategic games like Citadels, Takenoko, and quick games such as Jungle Speed, Blitz, Dobble.They take place twice a month, on Saturday evenings, 6 pm in the city center and are completely free of charge. 

The Meet&Play community also organises Laser Tag games once a month, and Disc Golf games every Saturday for 2 hours from late May till August.For all the details, join the group on Meetup platform.

D&D Riga (ENG, RUS)

This dedicated group of enthusiasts is passionate about the study and practice of roleplaying games. From thrilling adventures to epic battles, members come together to immerse themselves in the rich and imaginative worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, everyone is welcome to join in the fun and embark on unforgettable quests. Join this community, and let the adventure begin!

International communities of Riga: a definitive guide
International communities of Riga: a definitive guide
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Date: 12.03.24