Commercial building on Brivibas iela

A two-storey commercial building will appear in the historical center of Riga, which belongs to the UNESCO heritage protection zone, on Brīvības iela 44. The project has no name yet. It is known that geological exploration works are being carried out on the site.

Address: Brīvības iela 44

Project on the website of the architectural bureau OAD

Layouts and Amenities

The two-story commercial building is planned to include two restaurants and four retail spaces. The facades are to be finished with metal, large glazing planes and wood. The wood paneling is intended to be a response to the surrounding wooden buildings.

The minimalistic style of the building is a deliberate move: it contrasts with the surrounding buildings, helps the viewer to understand that the commercial building on Brīvības iela 44 is a new object in the historical environment (we talked about why this is important in our article on the principles of restoration), and at the same time the laconic architectural solution does not conflict with the surrounding environment.

Commercial building on Brivibas iela
Commercial building on Brivibas iela


The building will have six entrances and access for technical vehicles from the courtyard. The building will be accessed from Dzirnavu iela, which has less traffic than Brīvības iela.

Commercial building on Brivibas iela
Commercial building on Brivibas iela

Energy Efficiency

The building will be constructed from prefabricated elements: it is a robust but quick to build facility.

On the terraces and roofs of the building it is planned to plant plants in special boxes, pots and containers: this simple solution will help to increase oxygen production and dust absorption.

Commercial building on Brivibas iela

Project Team

The developer is the Hansa Holiday team and the building is being designed by the Open Architecture and Design (OAD).

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 04.02.24