Elijas Nami

A new residential complex in the Maskavas forštate neighborhood, inspired by the Latvian Academy of Sciences, high-rise dominant of the area.


Blēzs Paskāls — Maskavas iela 31

Nikola Tesla — Maskavas iela 33

Alfrēds Nobels — Maskavas iela 35

Leonardo da Vinči — Elijas iela 26

Elijas Nami

The four houses are named after outstanding scientists and artists known around the world: Leonardo da Vinci, Alfred Nobel, Nikola Tesla, and Blaise Pascal, without whose contributions the world today might not be the same.

By “encrypting” the code of science and intelligence into the new houses, the developers hope that they, like the Academy of Sciences, will gather people with diverse minds around them. It is assumed that the new neighborhood will form an urban community and will be reminiscent of historical values.

Layouts and Amenities  

New affordable and quality housing is an investment in the development of the Moscow district as a whole, which will attract to Elijas and Maskavas streets young working citizens, families with children and all those who want to live in a modern neighborhood with great potential.

All houses are five stories high. In total, the four buildings include 56 apartments of two to four rooms with full finishes. The apartments range in size from 43 m² to 84 m².

The safety of the residents is ensured by video surveillance cameras. The partially covered surface parking lot is fenced, and the barrier can be opened by remote control.

Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami


The area of Maskavas and Elijas streets stands out for its historic wooden buildings. It also has a lot of green areas and access to the River Daugava. Development of coastal areas in the future will improve the quality of the environment in the whole area: there is already a new promenade, popular among pedestrians and cyclists.

Elijas Nami offers its future tenants a convenient transport accessibility: there is a streetcar stop next to the house and a railway station nearby. The Central Market and the renovated Spīķeri neighborhood, business centers, schools and kindergartens are also located near the new residential comple

The old town can be reached on foot in 15 minutes, and nearby is not only a landscaped embankment of the Daugava, but also the island of Lutsavsala.

Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami

Energy efficiency

The facades of the buildings have a thermal insulation layer, which increases the energy efficiency of residential buildings: they are rated B1.
Monolithic concrete pavement, inter-apartment and inter-room walls provide excellent thermal insulation. The walls between the apartments are also soundproofed on both sides.

Modern three-chamber double-glazed windows provide a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation in apartments, while meeting modern environmental requirements.

The temperature in each apartment of the complex can be controlled both centrally and locally.

Elijas Nami
Elijas Nami


A square meter in the new residential complex will cost from €2,280 to €3,010: from €113,900 to €199,900 per apartment. The price of a storage space from €2,500. The cost of parking spaces from € 17,900. Detailed offers can be explored in a special section on the website.

Project Team

The developer of the project is Hauser Group: an Estonian company with 16 years of experience in design and construction in the Baltics.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 16.06.23