A four-storey building with twenty apartments in the historic district of Āgenskalns. The building blends seamlessly into the surrounding historical buildings.

Layouts and Amenities    

The apartments, ranging from 35 m² to 94 m², have from one to three rooms with quality finishes and panoramic glazing.  

In the basement of the building there are underground parking lots and storage rooms, which can be accessed by elevator.

The building is located close to the center of Riga and the Old Town, but there is no city noise and bustle nearby: residents can enjoy peace and quiet in a closed courtyard surrounded by old Dutch linden trees, of which there are many in Agenskalns.


It is convenient for residents to get to the center of Riga or Jurmala by private or public transport. 

There are many stores and medical institutions in the neighborhood, as well as Agenskalns State Gymnasium and several university faculties. There are several parks within walking distance: Youth Garden and Uzvaras Park, Botanical Garden, Mara Pond. Also from the house you can walk to Agenskalnska market and Kalnciem quarter, where you can buy craft products and handicrafts.

Energy Efficiency

The building has an energy efficiency class B: progressive materials and technologies will help residents save money on utility bills.  

The building has its own gas heating unit, and each apartment has individual heat meters. Supply ventilation valves are built into the exterior walls.


The price per square meter ranges from 2,330 to 2,600 euros.


Project Team     

The developer of the project is EfTEN Capital.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 13.07.23