A business centre that is being built according to the international BREEAM New Construction Excellent sustainable building standard. The project is named after Gustav Zemgals, the second president of Latvia (1927–1930).

This is the first project planned by GALIO Group to be launched in Riga. The first building put into use will be occupied by the office of SEB Global Services.

The business centre symbolises equality and trust in the broadest sense, so the development of the area will focus on creating a human atmosphere.

Layouts and Amenities

The business centre project involves the construction of three six-storey office buildings with a two-level underground car park, an atrium with wooden skylights, roof terraces, conference rooms, a restaurant area, electric car charging points, showers and changing rooms.

It is still known what the first two buildings will be. According to plans, SEB Global Services will lease around 11,000 square metres of space in the first building, which will house more than 1,000 employees.

One of the advantages of the second building is the ability to adapt the space to the needs of each tenant: the building can also be occupied by a single tenant, but given that many companies still use a hybrid operating model, up to 8 tenants can be accommodated on one floor. The projected surface area of the second building will be up to 14,300 square metres.

Together with the business centre, the surrounding infrastructure will be developed for intensive work and cultural events, for young and old people around the buildings.

The centre has 41,000 m² of floor space and the first phase of construction was recently completed in the first quarter of 2023.



The project is being implemented in a former industrial area that is gradually being transformed into a vibrant urban space, perfectly adapted to work, leisure and life in general.

The aim of the project is to make the new business district a unique part of Riga’s heritage-rich area. The area is only 10 minutes away from the city centre, and telecommunication and IT companies already operating here have formed a large technology community.


Energy Efficiency

All three buildings in the Gustavs business centre have been designed and will be built to the internationally recognised BREEAM New Construction Excellent sustainable building standard, ensuring harmony with the environment and comfort for the people working here.

Sustainable materials are used in the construction of the business centre building. A lot of attention is also paid to energy-efficient solutions—for example, solar panels will be installed on the roofs.


On request on the builder’s website: click on the Get an offer button to find out the rental price.

Project Team

The Lithuanian company GALIO Group has been in existence since 2006: today it is a leader in durable and environmentally friendly buildings in Lithuania and abroad, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. The Gustavs project is being implemented together with Merks.  

SIA Vilnis Mičulis is responsible for the architecture of the business centre. Construction supervision is carried out by SIA Būvuzraugi LV.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 28.06.23