Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Here you will taste the traditional Latvian candy Gotiņa in the premises of an old confectionery factory, and in a small family cafe you will test an original dish — spicy ice cream with horseradish, sprat and beet.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

In winter we are not always ready for long walks outside and we want to frequent cozy cafes with aromatic sweets and drinks. In Skrīveri you can easily combine pleasant and useful — we offer you to walk around the most beautiful places (the program includes barrows and ancient ruins on the River Daugava), and then relax in one of the cult local cafes.

What to see

Museum and cafe at Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts

According to the factory’s website, it was here that Latvia’s first classic Gotiņa candy was made in 1957. It is also said that in the Soviet Union, confectionery from other manufacturers was sometimes sold under the guise of Skrīveri cream bars, as local products were so popular.  

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Nowadays, Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts is a family business. The small confectionery factory makes various sweets, but Gotiņa sweets remain one of the most popular. Here you can try many varieties, from the classics to variants with hemp or pepper. The candy store is more like a museum — the atmosphere is so colorful. The friendly staff will tell you about local sweets.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia
Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

You can learn more about the interesting history of the confectionery factory and see the full range of products on the website

One of the most beautiful places on the River Daugava — Aizkraukles pilskalns

The high mound with a breathtaking view of the river is full of various ancient treasures. It has been repeatedly excavated and numerous decorations, tools and other things of the original settlers of these lands have been found here. Now there is a recreation area with benches at the top of the mound, from where the panorama of the majestic Daugava River opens up.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Nature trail behind the mound Aizkraukles pilskalns

Right after the viewpoint at the top of the mound, the nature trail goes into the thicket of trees. A steep staircase leads you to a picturesque river, which flows down to the Daugava River. The short but hilly trail reaches the nearest field and residential farm. We recommend visiting the trail on a sunny April day, when the whole forest is covered with yellow flowers — at this time the nature trail reminds you of a corner of a good fairy tale.

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

If you continue walking along the nature trail, after the farm, you have to walk about half a kilometer to reach the Lutheran church. It appeared on this place in the XVII century, but it acquired its present neo-Gothic appearance only at the very end of the XIX century.

The church was badly damaged during the two world wars. It is said that in 1943 a German airplane crashed into its spire. In the 1990s, the building was partially restored and it took on its present appearance.

The ruins of Aizkraukles Castle

After visiting the church, we recommend continuing the walking route and reaching the expressive ruins of the castle of the Livonian Order, built in the XIII century. It stands on a hill by the bank of the River Daugava.

There are almost never people here — you will be alone with beautiful nature and ancient history. The whole road from the barrow to the castle is equipped with comfortable rest areas and information stands. The whole route will take no more than one hour.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Museum of writer Andrejs Upīts

Here the famous Latvian writer was born, lived for many years and wrote many of his works. The house has a cozy landscaped garden. Local trees were planted by Andrejs Upīts himself. Please note that you can visit the museum only from May 1 to October 31. Detailed information on the website.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Where to eat

Ice cream parlor Skrīveru mājas saldējums

In the family cafe you will taste ice cream from Skrīveri, which is famous throughout Latvia. In addition to classic flavors, there are many original offers here: spicy ice cream with horseradish with sprat and beet marinated in lemon juice, tomato soup with a ball of potato ice cream or tarragon ice cream served with a salad of garden vegetables.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia
Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

There is a small store with local products: juice from apples grown in Skrīveri orchards, syrups, jams, piparkūkas cookie dough and other goods. During the winter period the cafe operates on a modified schedule — on Saturdays and Sundays. For exact information, please visit the website

Cafe at Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts candy factory

We have already told you about the factory and candy store above. Here you can not only buy sweets, but also taste them and drink coffee in an interesting interior. Many authentic elements have been preserved in the factory premises, which only adds to the appetite and delight of this iconic place. For the exact address and opening times, please see the link.

Cafe overlooking the Daugava River in Klidziņa

There is no particularly exquisite food here, but it is quite possible to have a hearty and inexpensive meal. The cafe is located in a picturesque and convenient place — right on the highway leading from Riga to Daugavpils, with an excellent view of the Daugava.

The cafe has a store with local products. On weekdays it is open from 8:00 to 19:00. On weekends the schedule is different: check the website.

Local products

Gotiņa candies from Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

The candy store is located on the second floor of the historical building of the food factory.

In addition to the large assortment of Gotiņa sweets in different flavors, there is a unique product such as cream based on this cult candy, vegan sweets, and Zīmulis — a long caramel that can evoke pleasant nostalgia in many people.

Gotiņa sweets from Skrīveru saldumi

One of Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts main competitors, Skrīveru saldumi, is also located in Skrīveri. In total, there were about 50 confectionery factories producing this candy in Latvia in different years.

Now the variety is not so great, but two candy factories in Skrīveri occupy the leading position. Only Gotiņa from Saldus can compete with them.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Skrīveru saldumi has a wider assortment of sweets, but there is no such interesting coloring as at Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts in their store. Although we recommend being critical of our judgments and comparing the two factories for yourself. For the exact address and product range, see

Clothing and other products from Radošā Darbnīca Daugava (RA DA DA)

Sweatshirts, t-shirts, dresses and other printed closet items from local brand RA DA DA are some of the best things you’ll bring back from Skrīveri.

The local guys make interesting designs and print them on quality fabric. Their clothes are comfortable and last a long time. Check out the range and prices at

Lauskis winery

A few kilometers from Skrīveri is the Lauskis winery. In addition to fruit wines, they also make several varieties of cider. These alcoholic beverages can be ordered with delivery to different parts of Latvia. Contacts and product range of the workshop see here.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

Where to rest and stay

Seven Mirrors glass house on the Daugava River

On the bank of the River Daugava, in Klidziņa you can stay overnight in romantic glass houses. From the outside they look like giant three-dimensional mirrors — the glass is made so that from the inside you can quietly admire the surrounding scenery, but from the outside, no one can see what is happening inside the house.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia
Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

The cost of renting such a hotel for one night is very high — around 230–300 EUR, but this price includes the use of a bath, Jacuzzi, grill and other nice things. You can choose one of the houses and find out more information on the website.  

Hotel Klidziņa

The holiday complex Klidziņa is close to Seven Mirrors, but the atmosphere is less intimate. The hotel has a café, which is popular with passing motorists. On the one hand, it is convenient, because you will not have to go far for a tasty and inexpensive breakfast, but on the other hand, excessive bustle can interfere with your rest.

The big pluses of the hotel are its low price and its location on a hill overlooking the Daugava River.

Skrīveri — the candy capital of Latvia

In the warm season you can take a ferry from here to Jaunjelgava. But be careful, it is better to agree with the ferryman in advance — even in summer the ferry does not work every day. Telephone number of the ferry and other information can be found at

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Date: 26.01.24