14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius

14A Konstitucijos Avenue is a new 19,200 m² business center with almost zero energy consumption. The new Class A office space is located in Vilnius CBD (Vilnius Central Business District). The building is planned to be completed by the end of 2025.

Address: 14A Konstitucijos Avenue, Vilnius 

Project description on the website of RSHP architectural bureau

14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius
CBD Area Map

The new business center is part of a large-scale development program in the CBD (Central Business District): a progressive business zone in the southern part of Šnipiškės district, which has been actively developed over the last decade. 

Rapid urbanization on the north bank of the Neris River is leading to, among other things, the settlement of at least 3,000 people in the next few years. The new residents will need not only housing and places to work, but also developed public spaces and services. 

Layouts and Amenities

The building of the new business center, located in front of Vilnius Municipality, will be seven stories high: it will accommodate about 16,000 m² of office space and about 1,500 employees. Another 3,200 m² will be dedicated to commercial and public spaces: cafes, stores, walking areas—these spaces will be located mainly on the first floor. 

14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius
14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius

The building will consist of two horizontal plates with panoramic glazing, which will be separated by a recessed fifth floor. A glazed atrium will appear in the center of 14A Konstitucijos Avenue: Vilnius residents and visitors will be able to access it 24 hours a day. 

There is a two-story underground parking lot for 340 cars. In addition, it is planned to install bicycle storage spaces and charging stations for electric scooters in the business center.


The business center 14A Konstitucijos Avenue is located on Constitution Avenue: it is the intersection of the old and new parts of Vilnius. At ground level, the building will have a covered street with cafes and stores: this public space will connect the two parts of the city and make the large building more permeable. And above it there will be a grand staircase that will allow the building’s residents to conveniently exit from their workspaces to the inner courtyard.   

14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius
14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius
14A Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius
Sketch of a Building

This inner courtyard, which is located on different levels and is interesting to move around, is an important part of the 14A Konstitucijos Avenue project: in fact, it is a new covered city square (glazed atrium), which is comfortable to use in different seasons. Another socially significant part of the project is the publicly accessible green roof terrace, which the building will offer to the city.

Energy Efficiency

The new business center will stand out not only for its modern architecture, but also for its modern and environmentally friendly construction solutions. The building is planned to be certified according to the international BREEAM system with an “Outstanding” rating in the “New construction” category.

14A Konstitucijos Avenue features smart engineering technology to help optimize costs and a rooftop solar power plant. 

The atrium with a transparent glass roof includes automated systems for natural ventilation and insolation control that allow daylight into the building while ensuring comfortable temperature and lighting conditions: maximizing the use of natural light but saving the space from overheating and unnecessary cooling costs.

Project Team

The developer of the project is Right Bank Development Fund, managed by investment company Lords LB Asset Management.

British architecture firm RSHP LLP and Lithuanian team Unitectus are responsible for the architecture. 

The general contractor is the company Conres. And the contract for real estate leasing services was signed with Colliers Baltics. 

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 17.04.24