Elemental Business Centre

A modern office complex that forms a healthy environment for productive work. This project will use geothermal piles for heating and cooling for the first time in Latvia. Read how the first phase is being built.

“Elemental Business Centre is designed to be a landmark. Its iconic shape will be recognisable from the distance. Getting close, one can admire its precise detailing with an attention to comfort of the user. You can come by bicycle or by car — the building welcomes you equally. Elemental is designed to set a new standard in functionality through its complete lifespan”.

Indrek Allmann, the Leading Architect and Partner of PLUSS Architects

At first the project was called Elemental Skanste, but at the beginning of 2023 the complex was renamed Elemental Business Centre.

It is now under active construction. The first phase of the business center, consisting of two buildings, will be commissioned in autumn 2023. Upon completion of all phases, Elemental Business Centre will comprise five office buildings with 42 000 m² of leasable area and a multi-storey car park for 1,100 cars, as well as additional parking spaces in the underground car parks of the office buildings.

Layouts and Amenities 

The first phase of the complex consists of two ten-storey buildings with a total area of 33,500 m², of which 21,000 m² is allocated for Class A office space. Also for potential tenants in Elemental Business Centre a conference hall, separate co-working areas, a gym, showers and locker rooms, lounge areas and catering areas have been designed. The spaces of the complex are adapted for people with limited mobility.

The adaptable space on each floor makes it possible to adjust the office size from 240 m² to 1,100 m². The rectangular shape of the buildings and the interior solutions open up unlimited possibilities for working with the floor plans: the number of rooms, their shapes and sizes can be of any size. The height of the ceilings in the office space is 3.3 m. Tenants will be able to choose offices with several types of finish. Access to the offices will be available 24 hours a day.

Different types of advertising are provided for the tenants of Elemental Business Centre: a logo on the facade, flagpoles, internal advertising. 

The complex will have an underground parking lot ready for 200 cars, and another 300 can be accommodated in the outdoor parking lot. Parking for 400 bicycles with washing and changing rooms and 40 charging spaces for electric cars are also provided.


Elemental Business Center is located in the modern Skanste neighborhood, which is intensively developing as the central business district of Riga. 

The location of the center provides it with direct connections to the city center and convenient access to various means of public transportation.

Elemental Business Centre
Elemental Business Centre

Near Elemental Business Centre there is a sports center Arēna Rīga and two whole parks: the existing Skanstes and one of the largest in Riga, a new public park of 3 hectares with various sports and leisure facilities, which will be built opposite.

Energy Efficiency

Progressive construction technologies are used in the project. The energy-efficient buildings are designed in accordance with the international BREEAM standard at Excellent level. After the construction is completed, the team implementing the building expects to receive the BREEAM Outstanding certificate. 

Elemental Business Centre will be the first office building in Latvia to use geothermal piles for heating and cooling. Thanks to them, the building’s tenants will be able to use renewable energy resources.

Geothermal energy piles (GEPs) are a type of ground-source heat pump technology that saves energy on heating and cooling buildings. Climate temperature fluctuations affect only the upper 1.5 m layer of soil. Below this depth, the soil maintains a constant temperature, which is usually around 12°C. Closed soil heating circuits use this temperature to heat cold or hot water by pumping a liquid solution through pipes. Thus, as the fluid circulates through the piles, it is naturally cooled or heated depending on the time of year.

The geothermal heat pumps built into the piles will be able to produce up to 72% of the heat energy needed for the building, thus reducing heating costs by up to 45%, which will reduce monthly energy bills by €0.35 per square meter.

Elemental Business Center is also characterized by a first-class indoor climate, high indoor air quality, and good insolation at the workplace.


Rent: from 14,95 EUR / m² + management + utilities.

Project Team

Elemental Business Centre is a project of Kapitel and Merks. The estimated cost of the work is 49 million euros, and the entire facility in finished form will cost the customer, the company Kapitel, 60 million euros.

The design of the building was developed by the Estonian architectural practice PLUSS Architects in collaboration with Latvian partners AB ARHO Ltd. The interior of the common areas is designed by architecture and design office Open AD.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 29.05.23