Four Reasons to Live in Avoti

Where is the best place to live in Riga? Every city district has its own peculiarities—we are launching a series of materials in which we will tell you about the character of different parts of the city, the strengths and weaknesses of the districts and the most interesting locations. This article was prepared especially for N+ by Helmuts Mediniek, Head of Marketing at KIVI Real Estate Agency.

Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Location of the neighborhood in the city

Information About the Neighborhood 

Area: 181.5 ha

Population: 17,602 (2021)

Population density: 113.8 persons/ha

Employment: 9,709 people (2017)

Riga’s center is loved not only by foreign tourists but also by young families who see it as a potential location to live, work, study, have fun, and relax, without wasting time in traffic jams and car commuting. 

Riga is a unique city where you can buy an apartment in a charming historic building right in the city center for less than what it costs in some European countryside villages. If you ask where it’s advantageous for a family to buy a long-term apartment with significant growth potential, one of our answers is Avoti. The part of the center that is more affordable, less crowded, but rapidly becoming safer, more developed, and more interesting for city dwellers.

Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Арт-центр Zuzeum

1. It’s a Nice Place to Be!

Yes, this statement might sound absurd to many, especially those who have known Riga for a long time. Often, when looking for a place to live, people draw a thick line along Aleksandra Čaka iela and say, “nothing beyond this point.” And indeed, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. 

Historically, this part of the city lacked interesting bars, nice cafes, and recreational spots. Instead, the streets were filled with drinkers and addicts. The Ziedoņdārzs park, which is now one of the nicest parks in the center, was unkempt and even a bit scary to visit. 

However, this shadow of the past no longer reflects today’s reality. Take a look for yourself at how Ziedoņdārzs looks now and the nice cafes and bars available in the area. Of course, for buyers looking for status and wanting to assert themselves with property ownership, this area might not please them (Klusais Centrs will do). But for a rational family looking for a peaceful location with many opportunities in the city center, this neighborhood is very interesting, especially considering the trend of growth and improvement.

Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Бар Nurme
Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Ziedoņdārza Kafejnīca

Some Popular Places for City Dwellers to Enjoy

For meat lovers:

  1. Boar BBQ
  2. Oak’A burgers
  3. Lokāls “Karbonādes”

For beer enthusiasts:

  1. Alus Rūme Trofeja
  2. Nurme
Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Popular neighborhood spots: cafes and bars

2. A community that Cares

The aforementioned prejudices about Avoti didn’t come out of thin air. Not too long ago, the view at the intersection of Bruņinieku iela, Stabu iela, and Avotu iela streets was horrifying. It looked like a daytime zombie apocalypse (right next to a police station, no less). Drug dealing and drug use were rampant in this neighborhood, on a noticeable scale.

However, this problem was eventually resolved. It was thanks to proactive residents who were fed up with the situation. An Instagram account @riga.unseen was created, regularly posting photos of people in a drug-induced state on the streets, capturing their actions. The police, responsible ministers, and authorities were tagged in the posts. Inevitably, action had to be taken by the responsible authorities, as the issue had garnered public attention, including media coverage. Thanks to the determination of the residents, drug dealers and their customers were driven away.

Active residents who care are a valuable resource for the development of any neighborhood. The involvement of active individuals has inertia. Most likely, in addition to addressing horrifying issues, similar energy will inevitably be invested in further environmental improvement also.

The drug problem has left a deep mark on neighborhood’s reputation, but now there is a convenient bike lane on Bruņinieku iela—and while it doesn’t erase the unpleasant memories residents have of the neighbourhood, it is a very important renewal of the urban fabric.

3. Development around Avoti and in it

Although Avoti was once considered neglected, today it is a neighborhood surrounded by progress. The Rail Baltica project is underway nearby and is already leaving its mark on the city. At the western end of the neighborhood, near the Origo shopping center, modern office buildings are being developed: the scale of the Novira Plaza project is already visible, and the Satekles Business Center project is planned to be completed by 2025. Residents know how unplesant the area around the central station can be at times, but these massive buildings, filled with educated and ambitious professionals, will inevitably create new impulses and positive development trends in their vicinity.

The Rīgas Piena kombināts area is becoming home to the Fabrika shopping center, which will open its doors to visitors after the end of 2024. This shopping center has already signed a lease agreement with Rimi Latvia and will preserve and expand the cultural and historical production buildings.

Recently, the Avoti area was also enriched with the Zuzeum Art Center, adding value to the neighborhood in the eyes of art enthusiasts.

The Avoti neighborhood is getting surrounded by excellent infrastructure, construction, and opportunities from all sides now. This will undoubtedly make the area more desirable and convenient. The question is, how quickly the sentiment around neighborhood will drastically change?

Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Satekles Business Center
Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Satekles Business Center

4. Prices

Avoti is far from being one of the most expensive areas in Riga. Quite the opposite. Compared to equivalent buildings around Barona iela, apartments in Avoti are much more affordable. In Avoti, it is possible to find apartments with good finishes in well-maintained buildings for less than 2 000 EUR per m². Meanwhile, apartments with similarly good finishes in well-maintained buildings in the active city center are almost always more expensive.

Looking at the past and perhaps certain current factors, the relatively lower prices are understandable. However, it’s clear that the location is heading in truly positive direction in terms of development. Most of the off-putting features of the neighborhood have already been eliminated. Now we expect its growth from a neutral area to a desirable one.

Four Reasons to Live in Avoti
Avoti neighborhood

When choosing property as an investment, its future value is significant factor. Purchasing an apartment where a modern shopping center will be built nearby, where the demand for housing will be generated by the employees of modern office buildings, and where new and interesting local eateries and bars will emerge could be a very smart decision.

Still not convinced? Just check prices in VIlnius and Tallinn. Riga is still a cheap place to buy, not only Avoti!


Avoti is by no means a flawless neighborhood. Avoti is far from a blameless neighbourhood. There are strong shadows of a criminal past and perceptions of the environment as a depressed neighbourhood, wich have created a powerful stigma around this area. While the older generation may sometimes find it hard to overcome, the city’s youngest residents see more potential for growth. And it’s precisely the potential for the future that we seek when “hunting” for good long-term property investments. And, in the end, Avoti checks many boxes already. 

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 06.11.23