Lofts & Rosegold

Lofts & Rosegold is a residential quarter in the quiet center of Riga. The four-storey building, which housed stables in the 19th century, is surrounded by a new building that frames it like a rosegold frame.

The design started in 2015, and the facility will be commissioned in 2020. This project is an important example for Riga of how a historical building can become part of a modern residential complex.


The flats occupy around 70% of the total floor area at Lofts & Rosegold, with the public areas occupying the remaining 30%. The new areas occupy 10,970 m² and the renovated areas 1,980 m².

The new 7-storey building has 75 flats ranging in size from 50 m² to 171 m²: they are located on the second to seventh floors, with the ground floor dedicated to commercial space. The ceiling height of the flats is 3 metres. The historic building also has flats with ceiling heights from 3 to 6.5 metres. The Lofts & Rosegold complex includes apartments from one to five rooms.

Lofts & Rosegold
План второго этажа
Lofts & Rosegold
План пятого этажа

The new building has a reinforced concrete frame, monolithic slabs, exterior walls made of composite reinforced concrete and aerated concrete blocks and a curtain wall faсade, the visible part of which is ceramic panels. The southern façade of the building has terraces and balconies. The brick façade and the historic decor on the old building were restored.

The area of the territory, or building spot, together with the courtyard is 3,955 m². The heart of the complex is the entrance lobby with a fireplace of 220 m².

Ground and underground car parks are provided on the territory.


Lofts & Rosegold is located at Strēlnieku iela 8, in a respectable area of Riga away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

The city’s museums, concert halls and theaters are within a 5-minute radius. Kronvalda, Esplanade or Viesturs parks can be reached in 15–20 minutes. It also takes 20 minutes to reach the Old Town: Riga’s historic center and its Art Nouveau buildings are one of the three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Latvia.

Energy Efficiency

The developer notes that all technical parameters of the Lofts & Rosegold project, as well as thermal and energy efficiency solutions, exceed the basic building standards of the European Union. For example, a particularly durable ceramic material with self-cleaning properties was chosen for the façade of the new building.

A special challenge in the project was working with the windows: in the historic building, it was important to ensure the best possible sound and heat insulation values and performance, while maintaining the authentic appearance of the facade. The solution was wooden frames for the windows and transparent doors with triple-glazed windows.  Only environmentally friendly wood and paints were used in production to ensure the safety of the residents and the environment – and formaldehyde, lead carbonates and other toxic substances were avoided.

Both buildings, old and new, meet A+ energy efficiency ratings: they provide residents with a comfortable microclimate and lower average utility costs.

Lofts & Rosegold
Lofts & Rosegold


Flats at Lofts & Rosegold cost between €1,970 and €4,625 per square metre, depending on the layout of the flat and whether it is in a historic or modern building.

Project Team

The developer of the project is R.EVOLUTION CITY, a company with twenty years of experience in the property market. 

Architecture: Arhis arhitekti bureau under the direction of Andris Kronbergs. The interiors of the common areas were designed by OAD. 

The general contractor responsible for the realization was LNK Industries.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 27.11.23