Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences

Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences is a complex of six multi-storey houses whose name can be translated as Deglava Artist Residence. Each house is named after a famous artist: Degas, Renoir, Dali, Monet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

The construction of the complex is divided into three phases. Two of the buildings have already been completed, and construction of two more blocks will begin shortly.

Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences
Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences

A total of 142 flats with a total floor space of 8,250 m² are planned for the second phase.

Layouts and amenities 

All the houses will be built according to the same principle: ten-storey, single-floor, with capacious passenger lifts. 

Part of the space on the ground floors is used for commercial premises and individual storage rooms. From the first floor onwards there are eight flats on each landing. There are 11 layouts and the option to choose from one to four-bedroom flats. The flats have a ceiling height of 2.65 metres.

The first blocks, Monet and Van Gogh, have 76 flats each. A total of 152 flats. They are available to buyers with a full finish: there are three options to choose from.

Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences
Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences
Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences
Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences
Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences
Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences


The new complex is located in Pļavnieki in Latgale suburb in the south-east of the city. 

Deglava Gleznotāju Rezidences is surrounded by a well-developed infrastructure: an established public transport system, schools, kindergartens, shopping centres and recreational areas.

The infrastructure inside the apartment complex includes playgrounds and sports fields, bicycle car parks, green areas and recreation areas, as well as storage rooms for belongings on the ground floors.

Energy efficiency

The finishing materials provide high thermal and noise insulation for the flats. The flats are equipped with radiators with adjustable thermostats and individual heat, water and electricity meters.


The most affordable option is a studio of 33 m², of which 4.2 m² is occupied by a balcony. The price starts at 53,000 euros.

The smallest 2-bedroom flat is 48.6 m² and costs 79,950 euros. A 2-bedroom flat of 49 m² starts at 87,370 euros.

More widely available in Monet and Van Gogh houses are 3-bedroom flats: you can choose from 5 layout options from 65.3 m² to 71.5 m², with prices ranging from 109,860 to 126,450 euros.

Project team

The developer of the project is the multi-industry company Monum. Tectum was responsible for the architectural design of the complex.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 22.04.23