Residential complex MOHO PARK is a new project of well-known Estonian developer Kaamos, which has been specializing in real estate development, green energy and woodworking for more than 20 years.

“With this project, Kaamos has taken a big step toward introducing modern and energy-efficient apartment buildings in Riga”.

Allan Machkway, Chairman of the Board of Mitt & Perlebach

The complex is located in Riga’s Mezhapark historical district. Its construction began at the end of 2021 and is planned to be completed in 2023. Building A will be commissioned this summer, and building B in autumn.

The name MOHO stands for “Modern Houses”. Two almost identical twelve-story buildings feature minimalist architecture in the Scandinavian style. However, the visual component is not the only thing that allows the project to meet modern standards.

Layouts and amenities 

MOHO PARK is designed for 400 residents with varied needs. Apartment floor plans range from 36 m² to 170 m². They are all equipped with a balcony, underfloor heating and controlled ventilation with recuperation. Water and heat meters with remote reading will be installed in each apartment, allowing the owners to pay only for the energy they actually spent. 

The penthouses on the top two floors have the added benefit of air conditioning and terraces of up to 70 m² with views of the Mežaparks greenery and Lake Ķīšezers.


Two elevators will be installed in each building of MOHO PARK. On the first and second floors there will be parking spaces with electric car charging and storage rooms. 

Public spaces around the house are designed to meet the needs of people of all ages: they include not only the area for children’s recreation, but also, for example, a barbecue area, along with many other spaces.

Energy Efficiency 

Another Estonian firm, Mitt & Perlebach, is responsible for the construction work. MOHO PARK is their fifth and largest apartment building in Riga. As in other projects of the company, the basis of design involves energy-efficient solutions. Solar panels are going to be installed on the roofs of both residential buildings: they will supply power to public areas, minimizing energy consumption outside the apartment. 

As the head of Mitt & Perlebach Allan Mahkvay points out, compared with Estonia, Latvia pays less attention to rational use of resources and the internal climate in apartments. Therefore, energy efficiency distinguishes MOHO PARK from many other projects in the Latvian market.


The price per square meter in MOHO PARK starts from 2 240 euro. This price includes finishing – the buyer can choose from three options. Parking spaces and storage rooms are available for booking along with the apartment. 

An important advantage of this residential complex is the green mortgage: more and more Latvian banks offer more favorable credit terms just for the purchase of energy-efficient housing.

Project Team

Kaamos Group was founded in 2002 and operates in Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus. The number of employees is more than 370 people. 

The company has built and managed more than 80 000 m² of rental space, including 55 000 m² of office space and a 25 000 m² Depot store in Tallinn. Years of experience and the trust of customers and partners have contributed to the company’s development and its entry into the Latvian market. In 2019, it implemented its first project in Riga, a residential complex in the Kengarags area.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 21.04.23