Harmony Home Teika 

A new house with 48 flats in a secluded part of Riga with A+ energy efficiency.

Harmony Home Teika, located in the Vidzeme suburb of Riga, consists of three residential units.

Layouts and Amenities 

The building includes studios as well as three- and four-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 41 m² to 86 m² with panoramic windows in every room. The flats also have glazed balconies with lighting and sockets, meaning that the space can be used as an additional room in the flat.

Harmony Teika combines solutions that enable the new owners of their flats to significantly reduce maintenance costs while maintaining a high level of comfort and a perfect microclimate: good soundproofing, wide loggias and panoramic windows, individual recuperation, CO2 sensors, free storage, large capacity lifts up to free storage and elevators to the basement.

There are private storage rooms in the basement of the building as well as communal storage rooms for bicycles, prams and sports equipment. Spacious lifts, wide doorways and a barrier-free environment provide easy access to the building for people with prams or people with reduced mobility.

The courtyard area includes bicycle racks and surface parking spaces, which can be purchased separately.

All flats are sold with full finishes and plumbing. The building is due to be commissioned in July 2023 and flats can be chosen from August.


STATS Group, the developer of the project, has positioned Harmony Home Teika as a small, quiet haven on the greenest edge of the Teika district. There is a busy road with a cycle lane and public transport within ten metres of the house. But the trees surrounding the building insulate residents from the noise of the street.

An enclosed courtyard contains a children’s playground, a sports field, recreational facilities and a car park as well as bicycle or pram parking spaces.

Harmony Home Teika 
Harmony Home Teika

Energy Efficiency

The building is constructed using the patented Austrian VST technology (or composite formwork technology): the construction panels are made of cement-bonded particleboard, which consists of wood particles and cement. All the structural elements are manufactured in a precision factory in Austria and then assembled on site and concreted: the concrete core is firmly bonded to the cement-bonded particleboard and the walls to the slabs.

The VST components form a composite shell that remains in the structure as a so-called “fixed formwork” and provides the building with strength and energy efficiency as well as a high level of sound insulation—56–62 dB. Despite the use of wood particles in the construction, the building has a high level of fire resistance.

Utilities are installed and concreted in load-bearing walls and slabs, which form a monolithic, durable, strong and energy-efficient structure.

VST technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions and waste during construction. These panels are certified as eco-friendly objects and as elements of a passive house (a building that absorbs little or no energy). Harmony Teika has a high energy efficiency class A+: only 23 kWh/m² is required for heating, which means that heating costs are on average four times lower than the average for projects built during the Soviet era.

VST panels create a seamless building structure and ensure low heat loss: the minimum of cold bridges also minimises heat loss from living spaces.

In addition, the building has undergone an air permeability test in accordance with LVS NE ISO 9972:2016 standard, which determines the air tightness of the building, the quality of the envelope sealing work and the air permeability values.

Each flat has a separate recuperation system: thanks to a special device (recuperator), fresh cold air streams from the street are heated in the heat exchanger by the heated air extracted from the room.

Harmony Home Teika 
Harmony Home Teika
Harmony Home Teika 
Harmony Home Teika


/ studio apartment /

Compact apartment with separate sleeping area, bathroom and glazed balcony.

Area: 41.6 m² + 5 m² (storage).

Price: from €94,000.

/ three room apartment /

Comfortable flat with two bedrooms, spacious living room, glazed balcony, bathroom, separate toilet and utility room.

Surface area: 79.6m² or 74.3m² + 6–10m² (storage room).

Price: from €152,000

/ four room apartment /

The largest of the Harmony Home Teika flats with three bedrooms, a spacious living room, two glazed balconies, a bathroom and a utility room.

Surface area: 86.7m² + 12–14m² (storage)

Price: from €189,800

For more information on prices, visit the website.

Project Team

The developer of the project is the Latvian company STATS Group, which has existed since 1993.

“I love what I do. It’s a great pleasure to see an idea, which to many at first seems like a pipe dream or complete madness, materialise. It’s energising and courageous to keep up with the times”.

Maris Alberts, founder of STATS Group

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 03.07.23