Zund Сity Gardens

New simple and ascetic residential buildings on the banks of the Zunda Canal.

Seven 6-story houses are planned to be built as part of the project. Each building in the premium neighborhood will have an individual design that will help residents feel a symbolic sense of belonging to their home. At the same time, the quarter will have a unified concept: rounded corners of buildings, a system of suspended facades and panoramic windows that offer views of the roofs of the old city.

Zund City Gardens will pay special attention to the rooftops of the buildings which will be used as terraces for residents to enjoy leisure activities together or for relaxation with family and friends. On these terraces, residents will be able to create small urban gardens, for example, so that they can grow herbs and vegetables together with their children. For an additional fee, the common terrace can be used to create your own individual leisure area. This option will be particularly attractive to residents of the 6th floor: they will be able to connect their apartment to the roof with a direct exit.

Layouts and amenities

There will be 33 apartments in each 6-story building: buyers will have access to 2–4-room apartments of comfort class with balconies and terraces for the residents of the first and the last floors.

The project involves solutions to improve the daily quality of life. Thus, the apartments have walk-in closets and two bathrooms, while the largest apartments have saunas. Three-meter-high ceilings and recuperation systems will ensure fresh air and a pleasant microclimate in the rooms. Buyers will also be able to choose one of the three standard options of finishing or one luxury option.

The quarter features underground parking lots with individual charging spots for electric cars as well as bicycle spaces equipped with the latest lift systems.


The new quarter will consist of a closed landscaped courtyard with a garden, playgrounds, recreational areas with hammocks and a ping pong table, a fitness area and some art objects for decoration. 

One of the features of the project will be a private exit to the promenade, which will be built along the Zunda Canal: it will be available to residents at any time.

Energy efficiency

The apartments will have a recuperation and air conditioning system. Each building will have its own heating boiler, and the apartments will have individual meters. Residents will be able to regulate heating to their desired level and adjust their heating costs.


From 3 745 euro/m²

Project Team

The developer is an Estonian company Hausers Grupp. During the 17 years of its professional activity, the company has added 1,411 residential units to the housing stock and sold a total of 115 residential and commercial objects. 

The developer’s first project in Latvia was Elijas Nami, which aroused great interest. According to the leading business media group Aripaev and one of the largest international networks of business consultants KPMG, Hausers Grupp became the most successful construction company in Estonia in 2020.

Author : editor nbhd
Date: 20.04.23